Haridwar to Mussorie


October 23, 2012 by Ashwin

Continued from last post….

We reached Haridwar around 4.30 in the morning. Everyone, more or less drunk was in fine mood but it was time to change the moods as we were heading to spiritual place. For 5 in the morning, Har-ki-Paudi was not much crowded. It was drizzling and the place was cold.
As we headed towards the ghat, the rain got a bit heavy and we were looking for something to hide our belongings and we got some plastic mats. I was the first one to jump in the river and within a second I was out of the river. The river was too cold,  freezing. Most of the friends were in the river by now and I was sitting on the stairs, shivering. After some deep breaths and prayers I jumped back but this time the stay lasted longer.

The river was furious and no one dared to cross the chains. After 15 mins of splashing water on one another and some stunts we were heading for food. Right outside is Chotiwala, famous for its puri’s, though the food was not that great but we were hungry. It was time to leave but not without a tea at a roadside stall. Tea was good and was much needed as everyone was cold.


Now we were headed towards the cabs but as I was short on money I went to withdraw some money from the nearby ATM. Just as I came out of the ATM, an elderly lady asked me for money, said she hadn’t eaten the whole night but she wasn’t a beggar, she was dressed OK and looked  from a middle class family.  I took her to a roadside samosa stall and bought her two samosa. She asked for my phone and I gave her but she didn’t make a call and gave it back. I asked her the problem but she didn’t tell. I gave her 100 Rs and I rushed towards the place where friends who were waiting for at least 5 mins.

Now we were heading towards Mussorie, everyone in the groove but mind was still occupied by the thoughts about that lady. Maybe I should have asked her again what happened to her? Why was she in such condition? She looked like she belonged to a middle class family. Maybe she was lost but why she didn’t make the call? I was telling myself every minute I should have asked her and helped her. STRANGE!

The next strange sight was that of Baba meditating in middle of nowhere and surrounded by fire on all sides. Maybe it was time for another Beer. With another beer started another round of discussion, about Ex-GFs followed my current GFs and live in relationships. Suddenly someone decided we will go Lachewala or Gachu Pani before going to Mussorie.
Locals told us that Gachu Pani is not so good at this time so we went to Lachewala. I was clueless about both these places. Lachewala turned out to be a huge park with a stream flowing through it. A Photo-session began(First of many which followed) and it was time to jump into action. Changed clothes, Sun Glasses were out and every effort to look perfect was made. Had some fun in the park but then the most respected and the most fat member of the team took a bad fall and injured his bum badly. A hairline fracture, which we got to know only we returned back to Delhi but that guy didn’t show any sign that he’s hurt. (People like him made it a wonderful trip).



Our next destination was River Sahasterdhara in Dehradun and as feared it was cold than Ganga as if straight from a glacier. But there was no other option other than enter the river. And after repeating what we did in Ganga we are out and head for Lunch. Don’t know why but 15 minutes in a river makes you hungry.



After a delicious lunch we were finally headed to Mussorie and reached our destination somewhat tired.


To Be Continued……

2 thoughts on “Haridwar to Mussorie

  1. tyanajones says:

    This looks awesome. You seem to have had an awesome trip.

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