On My Way to Mussorie


October 23, 2012 by Ashwin

Image16 July: We won the Cricket Corporate Premier League and the next day it was planned we will be going somewhere.

First things first, the drinks were bought. 5 crates of Budweiser, 2 Vodkas and next important thing on our mind was the trip destination. Mussorie was finalized. It was our cricket team’s trip, though some people couldn’t make it but we 8 were raring to go. The itinerary was ready weeks before and going by it, our trip would only be a  Beer and Bath trip.
 2 Taxis were hired for the 8 guys and on the evening of 9th August at 10 PM we left from our office in Gurgaon with all the energy. The trip was awaited with huge anticipation and finally it began. 

The beers started as soon as the cabs started moving. Our first stop was Lajpat Nagar Metro Station to pick the guy who didn’t come to office that day. So in one cab there were 5 guys and in other were 3 which also included me but the other cab was the happening one. Then we stopped at Mohan Nagar, on the outskirts of Delhi for our Dinner and it was delicious.  
The dinner was followed by more beer. And I was handed my first one. I’m a not a beer guy moreover, I don’t drink much, I prefer Whiskey and Vodka but in an hour I gulped it down. We were heading smoothly towards our destination and then a loo break was unavoidable after all the beers that were being consumed. It was my chance to change the cab and board the more  entertaining cab. The fun began, I started enjoying more, laughing and opening up. I’m a bit of an introvert and take time to gel perfectly. I was handed over a Vodka now and with everyone a bit drunk started the round of discussions. 

Among all the hoopla, I felt asleep and woke up after an hour and took another stopover around 3 in the morning at a small dhaba at a place I don’t remember. We ordered Tea and after that we were sitting in the middle of the highway(Yes, i mean it) and doing crazy things for fun. 


After half an hour we were back in the cabs and zipping past numerous dhabas. At around 4.30 we reached the holy city of Haridwar. It was raining, which in some time turned to drizzle and we were heading for a holy dip in the mighty Ganga.
To Be Continued…..

2 thoughts on “On My Way to Mussorie

  1. Yatin Gupta says:

    I wish, more details were added to this. A bit more.

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