October 24, 2012 by Ashwin

Continued from Last Post…..    

At around 12 in noon we left from Kempty Fall,an hours drive from hotel. Just as we were a stone’s throw from the fall we got stuck in a Jam. The police authorities told that CM is at the Falls so no one is allowed there. We were cracking jokes that CM has come to welcome us. There was no other thing to kill time other than a photo session and we were perfectly dressed for a shoot like good tourists. 


After much wait we left the cab and took a walk just to found that there was a landslide right outside Kempty Fall. I was very excited. Now, there are two Kempty Falls one is the main at the bottom, which is very crowded so we decided to go to the other which was at some height. It was small compared to the other but a lot less crowded. 
The water mighty cold and I was not feeling so well but that was not a good enough a reason to escape what was in front of me. I went in first as always. I really love water.


We enjoyed our time. But the highlight was taking a dive in the fall from a height of around 20 ft from a rock and it needed some guts. Wasn’t easy. I actually saw a friend marching towards the rock and I rushed to that place. He didn’t jump and asked me to go first. I can swim well. But the last time I swam was 2 years back. It was scary. One mistake and I can break my neck, leg or head butt into the rocks at the bottom as I didn’t know about the depth. Was a risk but good enough to take one. 

Everyone at the fall was watching me to add to the discomfort. I was taking too much time. Then, I asked my friend to count to three and I will jump. At the count of three, I dived. Wow. Awesome. Just as I came out everyone was clapping and whistling. That was quite a moment. Something I will remember for long. I was the center of attraction. A video too was made. 
After me a friend jumped, and barely survived. He didn’t know how to swim, some people got him out. Another one jumped just to hurt his chest badly. But I was on a roll one dive after the other. In the third dive, I hurt myself somewhat. It was time to come out but I had to make a last perfect dive. Just as I was going towards the rock, a girl asked me for my number and as I was in a hurry so couldn’t chat much. Now, I had to take a perfect jump anything else would be blunder. 
I jumped and it was good. Said goodbye to the girl and left. 

What a day. Sitting in a dhaba I was shivering. I was not well and the dives didn’t help. Again we ate like demons. At around at 4 we left. The weather was awesome. Clouds everywhere. Never seen anything better. At 5 we reached our cottage, we were too excited to get out in such lovely weather. Planned to leave in half an hour.
 But as soon as we entered our rooms, it started raining. Got heavy and heavier. There were no signs of stopping.We wished, prayed but it only got heavier. Half of the guys still left but didn’t let me as I had fever. So, a good day which could have been great ended on a disappointed note.

To Be Continued….

2 thoughts on “KEMPTY FALL

  1. It was fun for me when I visited Kempty fall with my family when I was in 3rd standard.Only a bit of it I remember but still it was a memorable trip

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