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October 31, 2012 by Ashwin

It’s 5.30 AM. Time to get up. I stare at my phone. FB, Twitter notifications, Texts. Ok Good. Still no missed calls. Then a notification comes 15 missed calls and sparks a smile on my face. So, people called.

It’s cold. It’s an awesome awesome morning. The best of the year. I’m happy. I’m excited though not as much I was a yesterday or day before yesterday. It’s calm and better. Whenever I’m excited I tend to something silly. Still enough excitement.

I get out of the bed. Throat is gone, for the tenth time this month. I have cold too. But who cares, right now I’m not worried. The only thing I’m worried about is putting the laces in my shoes that I washed 2 days back and iron the shirt. I’ve to look good. Better than I look most days.

OK. I’m ready. Everythings is ok if not great. Time to Go. I’m all excited. It’s 7 in the morning and song on the radio is Mai Sharabi and I want to get drunk, this early in the morning. I’m on a high but still I want to get drunk.

Happy Birthday to Me.

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