A Crazy Aunt


November 6, 2012 by Ashwin

This is a normal conversation between whenever Mom’s friend or a neighborhood aunty gives a lovely visit…

Aunty: Beta, how are you?
Me: I’m great. How are you?

Aunty: Did you recognize me?
Me: Of course, how can I forget you. (I am no Aamir Khan from Ghajini and I don’t care who the hell are you)

Aunty: Wow… You look exactly as your father!
Me: Smiles…. (No need to be surprised I’m his son not some illegitimate property)

Aunty: You are grown up now!
Me: Smiles… says nothing(I’m no Benjamin Button)

Aunty: So, which college are you in?
Me: I’m in job now. (I passed out of college 2 yrs back)

Aunty: Then you should get married now!
Me: Shy…..There is a lot of time, Elder brother has to get married first. (What more I can expect from you. Right now it’s my time for fun with girls and not marriage)

Aunty: You must have chosen the girl?
Me: No..Haven’t even thought ( Yeah every girl I thought I would marry turned out to be a bitch)

Aunty: My daughter is just like you, very shy!
Me: Smiles…( Yeah, I saw her MMS)

Aunty: You are very naive and shy!
Me: Smiles…..(Just let me meet your daughter and she’ll tell you what I’m)

Aunty: You have become so thin!
Me: Smiles… I play a lot! ( I was never a Bappi Lahiri like your son, I’ve always been like that)

Aunty: My son has become thin, too much studies. He got 95% in 10th and he will go in IIT
Me: Yes, he is very intelligent (Yeah so thin that if he sits on Oprah she would plead for death. Oh IIT like your daughter, I guess she barely passed)

I can’t stand more… Walk Away!

4 thoughts on “A Crazy Aunt

  1. Rachna says:

    hahahaha…..aunts are all same…

  2. ssrijana says:

    superb loved the inside thoughts 😛

  3. the tow path says:

    At a certain age all conversations seem to go that way.

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