Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha


November 27, 2012 by Ashwin

Author: Amish Tripathi
Genre: Fiction
Rating: 3/5

Lord Shiva is the most intriguing gods in Hindu mythology but I was not keen to read a book on mythology even if it was a bestseller. Shiva stands for stubborn, raw energy, for passion and for strength. It is difficult to do justice to such a phenomenon in a few hundred pages. But that’s exactly what Amish does in the Immortals of Meluha. Justice to the character. He takes Lord Shiva and makes him into a plausible character- one with feelings and faults, with a personality and a mind that constantly reasons with logic and crafts his own Lord Shiva.

The plot of the book follows Shiva as he searches for his destiny and tries to do what seems to be right. He is curious, honourable and respectful. At the same time, his colorful persona makes him mischievous, adding flavour to the book.

The start is biting. Most of the characters are familiar as they are rooted in our mythology. But the filmsy romance between Sati and Shiva is the biggest turn off about the book. It seems as if a complicated bollywood love story has been depicted in book. The novel miserably fails in the characterization of the protagonist itself. The pulp-film-hero treatment of Shiva, probably done keeping in mind the Bollywood crazy Indian audience, just feels inappropriate with the settings. Excessive use of words like ‘damn’, ‘bullshit’, and ‘idiot’ in his dialogues sound plain weird with the other Sanskrit words used all over the novel. It is Shiva’s insecurities and inner conflicts that actually make the readers believe that he is human instead of his amateurish dialogues.

But the story does not end here with this book although a major phase is completed. It is continued in the second book “The Secret of Nagas”

The author has tried something different which makes it a good read. The storyline is good. As one of the reviewers wrote, the author is a good story teller. The attempt is brave, the concepts are good, the philosophical narrative is good. The best part is creativity, making a good fiction out of mythology.

It’s a page turner. If you have even have a little bit idea about the Indian mythology then you will surely enjoy it.Get the Immortals of Meluha. You won’t be able to put it down!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Immortals of Meluha

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