Not Far Away From Home


December 5, 2012 by Ashwin

Far Away From Home

I have always loved trying new things, doing things that I’ve never done, travelling and a lot of fantasies that have been imprisoned in my mind but ready to burst up at the earliest of chances possible.  But as I stay at home with my parents I generally don’t get a chance to explore the wild side of mine. I’ve waited for long to leave home and go somewhere else but never get a chance but I don’t have any regrets as I’ve always been close to my family. But given a good offer I won’t decline.

I’ve always had friends who tell me how much fun they have had in their colleges and now in jobs but they still miss their families a lot. In a way, I’m lucky but I did miss something that could have known(what that something is) if I was outside for a few years.

When I passed school, I was kind of a rebel at that time and just wanted to move out of the city for my college but I didn’t go as per the plan and had to settle for the college in my city. At that time I was desperate to leave home at any cost but things I want don’t generally happen. Later, when I got a job after the college, it was also close to my city so again I had to stay at home. And I don’t regret it. But I wonder if now I have to go somewhere else, far away from home would I be able to adjust? I will definitely try a lot of things but in the long run, will I be happy? Will be able to live without my family? And I don’t know the answer.

Though I have always loved travelling, exploring new places, meeting new people, learning about their culture and lifestyle. Though the longest I stayed away from home has been a week and it was the most memorable week of my life. I would love to go in a strange land and get acquainted. It would be an opportunity to learn more about myself  and explore the impending dark and wild side of me.


2 thoughts on “Not Far Away From Home

  1. tyanajones says:

    Excellent writing

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