Where has the Humanity gone???


December 18, 2012 by Ashwin

4-5 months back there was a humiliating incident in Assam, a 16-17 year girl was humiliated by around 20 people and a video was flashed on news channels but no one came to help her. It was a slap on the face of humanity.

A month or two later there were so many disgraceful rape incidents in which some disgusting remarks were given the khaps.

Then yesterday a girl who was raped in a city which is supposed to be the safest city in the country in a moving bus. Girl was with her friend both were brutally beaten, girl was raped and both were thrown out of the moving bus.

Of late there has been increase in such incidents and there is no stopping them. No one takes them seriously, even the most senior leaders pass it of with a shrewd smile. It doesn’t bother them which is a matter of concern.

I was pondering over this issue for some time and couldn’t find any solution. Perhaps changed mindset? But what it will do? The mindset of a father raping his 5 year old daughter cannot be changed. What about mindset of a person who rapes a 70 year old lady and brutally murders her?

Education is important and such values should come from home but some people are just psychos who can’t be taught and are not afraid of anything and cannot be stopped.

Most of these people are fearless and think they can escape the consequences.A lesson needs to be taught, death is easy and a fear needs to created among the minds of the people that they won’t dare do this thing or even think of doing it.
An example needs to be created. Castration alone won’t do. Something like burning someone alive in public or thrown to hungry dogs. Left in solitary imprisonment or a solitary island just to die could be the solutions.

Hopefully the govt will wake up from its slumber and realize its responsibility to curb crime and create some harsh laws for such bastards so no one in their wildest dream could think of committing such a heinous crime.

One thought on “Where has the Humanity gone???

  1. Sakshi says:

    Very well written. This incident is a shame for the nation.

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