Ashamed to be an Indian


December 23, 2012 by Ashwin

I always wondered what it was like during the British Raj when our people revolted and had to face the stick for demanding what was rightfully theirs. Yesterday, more or less I realized what it was like but the stinging fact was it was not the Britishers this time it was our own people or rather policeman who in a rather ideal world protect us, were the ones who were hell bent on thwarting peaceful protesters who had  gathered for a reason, which was to make sure the brutal, inhumane and barbaric rape, which happened a few days back doesn’t repeat and none of our sisters, friends or anyone has to face such humiliation ever again.

While doctors waged a war to save the 23-year-old victim, the incident triggered mass protests across the nation. This violent incident is being viewed as a result of the state’s complete indifference toward its citizens and these widespread protests are an attempt to activate the state from its moral lethargy. There have never been such protests for a rape in the past but this one exceeded the threshold. These topics have always been brushed under the carpet are perhaps for the first time being openly discussed.

A peaceful protest was planned on Saturday. On Saturday morning people had started to gather at India Gate and Raisina Hill(Presidents House). As expected Police tried to gain control over them by using water cannons, a mild lathi charge followed by another lathi charge and firing tear gas shells. In the noon it was sober. A large crowd had gathered by then which also included school girls, elderly people. But there was a lot of anger, resentment, guilt among the people which was oozing out in the Slogans and clearly visible in everyone’s behaviour . There patience had been tested, it was like if the govt doesn’t have the will to act we will do the clean up act and there will be no wasting of time. Then, a mild scuffle broke out between the protesters and policemen which led to some people being beaten and some constables getting injured. Which was followed by an atmosphere of tension and turned violent in a matter of minutes.

Innocent people were lathi charged and policemen chasing them like crazy dogs. People falling all over, school kids and elderly people being trampled. It was tyrannical, preposterous and cowardly.

What started as a peaceful protest to demand harsh punishments for these people who these cancers of the society turned into a Rape of dignity , rape of freedom , rape of compassion , rape of protest , rape of a country !!!!

Today section 144 was imposed which states” Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon. Whoever, being armed with any deadly weapon, or with anything which, used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, is a member of an unlawful assembly, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both” but how protesting or voicing opinions can be considered equivalent to carrying a deadly weapon. Also, not much different happened today and was incidents similar to yesterday kept happening all day long.  “Sending commandos to disperse peaceful crowds is a death of democracy and it’s a sad day in history of Indian politics

To the Delhi CM who in an interview on a TV news channel faked some tears, madam shedding tears doesn’t mean you care a bit for your city. You should have stopped the police when innocents were lathi charged and when kids were crumpled over by hordes of people.

The Home Minister says we are worried about such incidents and I have two daughters and I know how it feels, Yes sir you were very worried that’s why you beat up those innocent girls who were demanding justice for a girl they don’t even know, who is on a ventilator with rare chance of survival and even if she survives she won’t be able to live a life. You people don’t have any sort of empathy for anyone. You just know how to mint money. You people are impassive and a disgrace on the face of this nation.

The plight of the Indian women is so poor that they fear getting into bus and trains. When they leave their home in the morning they are not sure that they will safely return home. People stare at them as they have done some heinous crime. Not a single day passes when they don’t have to face an untoward incident. Eve teasing, groping are so common that they don’t even get reported. And when such incidents are reported no action is taken instead lewd comments are passed. Women who come to police stations to report a rape are raped in police stations repeatedly and this is not something which is unprecedented! If you can’t protect your people, why should your people believe in you, or their country or in humanity…and never rationalize a rape. Never.

What people here are demanding are strict rules that will create a fear in the mind of such people who are a curse to the society so they don’t dare repeat such a barbaric act and I don’t know if there can be any harm to anyone by creating such a law. This is not against the govt this is for the safety of people! Then why these protesters are treated as terrorists and beaten up when terrorists are treated as tourists and kept safe for years. Also, why people have to take to streets to get something good done, why can’t the government do something by itself?

At this rate, we will eventually become an officially lawless state where it will be each man for himself. We already have a Low rate of reporting crime,Low conviction rates when crime is reported, Lengthy judicial process, Justice more often denied than not. But despite the heated exchanges between citizen and state, between political parties, between friends and colleagues or in the home, there is no doubt that now is the time to act. India has had enough.

Also the fact that Sonia Gandhi speaks only when someone does something good for india and behaves like a deaf mute at other times is scary. Olympic medals, celebrity foreign visitors, high profile weddings, all get Sonia’s attention. Sports scams,terror attacks,rape, not so much. And when anguished people seek answers, you seem to have gone into an ambush. Today she met a group of young people to create a feeling that she is worried and acting but the truth is they were not the people who were protesting they were just NSUI activists.

These protests are not just a single girl, it’s about every girl/ women safety and its badly needed because India as a whole has become cursed. Yesterday a 13 year old girl (class 7) raped and murdered in Tamil Nadu and 3 year old girl was raped in a Prep school. And this all has been happening when mass protests are being carried out on the streets. This is the death of humanity. None of your black dot pictures on Facebook, Twitter and whatever will make a difference, so stop bull shitting yourself and if you really want to make some difference and if  you have some guts brave it out by going to protest sites and face the lathi charge, water cannons and you might think you have done some good. Please don’t let this fire fizz out so easily, things have to change and if it has to change in this way then we should stand for it. We can’t sit and just talk about it, we have to take some steps. It’s time we changed ourselves and fight. So, those who care go out and claim what’s rightfully yours and if you don’t get ready to live a life of suffering because you don’t know who will be next?

12 thoughts on “Ashamed to be an Indian

  1. Rachna (@Ruby_Dave) says:

    Thanks to govt for redefining Section 144: ” …or with anything which, used as a weapon of offence”…

    Anger of people and their spirit to come together and fight for such brutal and barbaric incidences have become weapons of offense..

    Ask the ministers and other bureaucrats to let their female members travel without security and hidden identity on public transportation of the National Capital of India, then they will realize 1 % how the parents of Indian girls from normal families actually feel and share their experiences in public..

  2. sarosena says:

    It’s crazy and it’s ridiculous, I’m curious though, now that we’ve had two days of protests… what should the government do, to send people home? In your opinion.

    • Ashwin says:

      Answer them sincerely and do what is needed at the moment…just assuring is not enough. People have had enough of such assurances in the past to be betrayed later….

      • sarosena says:

        that’s where I am confused. I don’t know what more the government can do immediately… I only ask this question because I went to the protest in Bangalore the other day. One of the reasons I went is to just plain show solidarity and know that there were other people who felt like me. If we had to continue these vigils, I am unsure of why we’d do that? Maybe later, as you have predicted, when they disappoint. I think we have intent, the whole lot of us, who want to go there and stand for what is right, we need to find a purpose. What do you think?

        • Ashwin says:

          We have a purpose and that is passing a strict law which is highly unlikely because many MPs and MLAs are culprits of rapes. This is a chance for us to show solidarity and force them to pass this law because once we sit back home chances of another such protest are highly unlikely.

          • sarosena says:

            So the protests should continue until such a law is passed?

              • sarosena says:

                🙂 Thanks you for the quick debate Ashwin! I agree to disagree, and well, finger crossed that perseverance like yours wins the day, and gets some serious bills passed. Along with having the bill passed, let’s also demand for a change in the conviction rate of rape crimes from 26% (as advised in this video I saw by Kavita Krishnan (AIPWA) No point of passing laws, if we don’t send our rapists to jail in the first place!

                • ADITYA BUGALIA says:

                  i agree with ashwin…..protests must go on and let there be special session of parliament ….let the law amendment starts and if it takes 1month its fine ….as i am ready to give one month of my life and even more for the protection of my mother and sisters of my country

              • Deepak Pahwa says:

                Demanding a more stringent law at this point of time is justifiable but a law can not be modified or changed with in a few days, only because there is high pressure from the public. Before making any reform in a law you have to think from the other side also. Its not like public is demanding a change so government should do it. There can be other consequences of such a reform which the public is not aware of. So it takes time to make any reform.
                Another thing i feel is that there are enough laws in our country to punish the culprits. Its because our judicial system is not strong, these laws are broken by people. Even if you come up with a reform and our judiciary remains as such, there is no benefit of such a reform. i mean even if the law becomes more strict, and the court is taking years to come up to a decision, there is no benefit of that stricter law.

  3. kelihasablog says:

    Well, I’m an American, and a Southerner at that, so we all know that our Media and Govt. tell everyone how terrible we are, when it isn’t even true. My heart breaks for the women of India, everyone really who wants Freedom or a Republic. People call us a Democracy, but that isn’t true… Democracy is chaos, a Republic is based on the Capitalist ideology… (You work hard, you succeed and you can go as far as you want). Unfortunately it sounds to me like your government might be afraid of losing control, and with control comes power & money (usually). I respect the office of President here, but I totally disagree with just about everything Obama has said or done. He says one thing then does another… now they are trying to take away our 2nd amendment right of the freedom to possess guns. They want the society unarmed so they can control us easier. I guess they haven’t heard of the Black Market… Oh, well, actually… they probably have because they did the whole Fast and Furious deal sending thousands of arms into Mexico without the knowledge of the public. We had NO idea…. They are trying to sweep it under the rug along with the Benghazi disaster… Oddly enough, it has taken months and months to even get copies of some of the emails that prove our Govt. knew the details and why it happened, they went around for 2 weeks blaming a video that no one had even heard of here… While the video might have been bad, that wasn’t the instigation… We still don’t know details and he is spending us into oblivion and never cutting anything. It’s like he thinks money falls from the sky.
    I don’t know if you heard about the “Occupy Wallstreet Group” that supposedly started as civil protestors (I never saw the civil ones) but then several of the Democrats & even the Pres. started encouraging their bad behavior by encouraging them saying it was Freedom of expression, and then giving out free food, setting up tents, etc. We had several women raped, many of the people there were out of their mind on drugs, or street people. The movement then moved to several other cities (mostly the ones who are going bankrupt right now)….
    The wording of your Section 144 is so vague that they can actually claim anything that they don’t like, even words, as a weapon of offense. That was probably done for a reason. I don’t know much about your government there, but it sounds like (according to our laws, probably not yours) that they are trying to squelch the protests, but the protests do need to be civil, even just a big crowd stand with signs or something…. but when those few start with the violence, they think it gives them license to “battle back”. If there is a way to get the point across without violence, perhaps the outcome would be better. I hate to think of those who were trampled and hurt in the running crowd.
    Sorry to be so long in my response. I think those of you trying to bring back the morals to your country are much like those of us who are trying to do the same thing here. It’s a very difficult and long process. Good luck to you all…

    • Ashwin says:

      You are very right about Section 144, and it has been used in an preposterous ways, sending their own people as civilians in protests who indulge in anti-social activists and trying to instigate the crowds. They used Section 144 for their convenience, whenever they felt like things were going out of hands they forcibly removed the people or else beat them up.
      Yes I know about the “Occupy Wall Street” protests but don’t know what they yielded. Also your govt is far more empathetic than ours. It’s a nightmare at present(worse governance since independence). It was supposed to be the golden time for INDIA but these bastards have left no stone un-turned in making sure that doesn’t happen.
      There have been many movements against this govt but govt has prevailed by hook and crook. Every govt in the world indulges in secret arms dealing and Obama is no different.
      These random shooting incidents in schools/colleges have given him a chance to curb your freedom of possessing guns.
      And it’s a sad thing that here we can’t provide safety to our women. Hopefully things will get better and world will be a better place to live in.

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