A day in CP

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January 23, 2013 by Ashwin

Connaught Place

Connaught Place in Delhi has so much to offer that even frequent visitors haven’t explored it to the full. Here are a few things to do in CP:

1. Have Breakfast
Start your day the southern way at Sarvana Bhawan at janpath or head for breakfast at KFC, McDonalds, CCD or Subway for western style food.

2. Sightseeing
Walk to the Jantar Mantar or Agarsen ki Baoli, hidden between tall buildings

3. Circle
A trip to CP is not complete without circling the inner circle. Walking around the central park is fun and these circles never end.

4. Buy Homemade Liquor Chocolates
The Oriental Fruits Mart on Barakhamba Road sells them, its few stores ahead of Q’ba. They are amazing.

5. Bangla Sahib
Hardly anyone would have gone to CP and not went to Bangla Sahib. Enjoy the langar over there.

6. Parikrama
“Parikrama” The Revolving Restaurant is India’s highest and Delhi’s solitary revolving restaurant at a pinnacle of 240 feet. With Speciality dining from Chinese, Mughlai, Thai and Indian.

7. Shopping
Shop at Janpath for inexpensive clothes and books or Pallika for everything from gadgets to clothes.

8. Cold Coffee
No trip to CP is over without cold coffee from DePaul’s at Janpath and Keventers.

9. Dessert
Wengers, the only name that comes to my mind when someone says dessert. This old shop has everything, even macaroons now. My personal fav blueberry mousse. Dunkin Donuts is also very good.

10. Dinner
Bhape da Hotel at Outer circle. Saag maas to die for or go to Kake da Dhaba or the Paranthewala in front of hanuman mandir or the kachori wala. Finish the day with ice cream from Nirulas.


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