Book Review – Beaten By Bhagath!

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March 16, 2013 by Ashwin

Author: S V Divvaakar
Genre: Reality Fiction
Rating: 3.5/5
beaten by bhagath

I always wondered what goes into writing a book. Probably, a good story with some interesting characters, some humour and sex. It’s a recipe being served in most of the books by Indian authors. Once you have a good story then it’s just a bed of roses. But reading this wonderful book removed all the misconceptions and shattered the pre-conceived notions.

The title of the book gives an idea what the book is all about. BB, the central protagonist of the book wants to be a writer as big as Ketan Bhagath. So, when her boss says ‘I’m sure you can do a better job than Bhagath’ BB leaves no stone un-turned to fulfill his fantasy of becoming the most successful writer in the country.

BB describes the story of Ketan Bhagath or K-10, the most successful author and a former roommate of BB. The ragging part where BB gets slapped by a senior named Sampson and the revenge part has been interestingly described. BB and K-10 become good friends in college but the bond evaporates as soon as the college gets over. The incidents are funny but reading the first few chapters made me feel it is just another book but soon the plot changes.

The author then describes the roller coaster ride of writing a book and the effort that goes in writing a book. BB starts working vehemently on his book and in order to make it bigger than that of Bhagath’s he isolates himself from his family and relatives. After writing the draft he has to face the hassles of getting his book ‘The Sinners’s Curse’ published. Earlier, it was only the publishing which seemed to be full of hardships but then comes the part which amazed me, the nuances of getting a book promoted and it costs nothing less than a fortune. BB in an effort to make it his book a bestseller committed some huge blunders.

The book is very well written and holds your attention but one thing which left me disgusted was when BB describes his efforts of promoting a book as equivalent of a pimp who takes his virgin daughter for deflowering. This line was such a turn-off that I threw the book and didn’t touch the book for two days. But when I picked the book again, I went on to read the remaining book in a few hours.

All in all, Beaten by Bhagath is a very honest book which one rarely comes across. This book is not written just for grabbing eyeballs and that is what makes it a very unique and different book. It’s a gripping read with some mind boggling facts about the publishing industry. In other words, it’s simply a page turner.

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