Sehwag appoints himself as PT Teacher in Sehwag International School

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October 7, 2013 by Ashwin

Virender Sehwag has appointed himself as the PT teacher of his School says it’s a dream come true. The news comes as a shocker to many and a sense of relief to Sehwag’s family who were asked repeatedly by neighbours “Aapka beta kaam kya karta hai?”

Sehwag has promised that he would raise his team to take on Dhoni and Srini Mama. Gambhir has also been roped to assist Sehwag. When asked why a PT Teacher? Sehwag said he has all the capabilities of becoming one, he has the tummy bulging out and I love to spank others. For spanking, we now have Praveen Kumar as the as chowkidar to scare the kids.

What about the plans of coming back? Sehwag said he has been training hard and drinks 20 litres of milk everyday. Later in the day Sehwag was seen eggs from the market and as soon as he reached home a voice came out “Aane do”.

Sehwag has been teaching his kids “See the ball, hit the ball”.

After that a third grade student came running and hit Sehwag’s ball. Shoaib Akhtar commented “Baap baap hota hai Beta Beta hota hai”

Sehwag and Gambhir have enrolled themselves in class 9 to break Sachin-kambli record and get some attention of selectors.

Later in the day Harbhajan Singh was also spotted bowling to 5th grade kids. When asked what he was doing here? He answered his ultimate aim is to take 500 wickets and only way he can get the remaining 87 wickets is by getting these kids out.

Missing out of action for long, Manoj Tiwary was seen on the bench.


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